You shall go to the ball...

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As well as funny and accessible scripts, we have a quick and easy service.

If you’re inquiring about a script or even if you just need a bit of advice about staging a pantomime, I’m here to help and I guarantee a 48 hr reply time for my responses. I understand that there are times when you need help quickly and whenever possible I try to reply to requests as soon as possible.

Use the form on this page to get in touch with me directly. Alternatively you can email me at [email protected]. To request a free pantomime script reading copy or apply for a pantomime script license, follow the links below.

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Request free reading copy

Click here to request your free reading copy of a script. These copies are of the full pantomime script, but auditions and rehearsals may not begin until a full license is in place.

License a production

Click here to apply to perform a Jack Northcott pantomime script. Once paid and confirmed, you will be provided with a full performance-ready copy of the script. Editable scripts, video licenses and audition pieces, props lists etc. are available on request.