You shall go to the ball...

License a Pantomime Script


Fill out the form below to request a license to perform one of my pantomime scripts. You’ll find them to be hilarious with great pace dialogue and plenty to entertain the whole family.


Please see my bespoke pantomimes page for information on costs for me to write a pantomime as a commission for you. Many commisions are similar prices to licensing scripts.

License fees for productions with my pantomime scripts are as follows.

  • Up to 99 seats, £40 per performance
  • 100+ seats, £45 per performance
  • 200+ seats, £50 per performance
  • 300+ seats, £55 per performance
  • 400+ seats, £60 per performance
  • 500+ seats, £75 per performance

Additional costs are as follows.

  • PDF Reading Copies, Free
  • PDF Rehearsal Copy, Free
  • Editable Master Script, £40
  • Video license, £25

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