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Songs of the Month: April 2018

Easter pantos are underway and many groups are looking for scripts to use in the upcoming Christmas season. It never hurts to be organised and ready to go for your next panto.

The Opening Number

Hold My Hand – Jess Glynne

This number is a real feel-good classic, and perfect if your principal girl leads the opening number. There’s plenty of opportunity for some really nice choreography and a great vocal performance from a top class singer.

Character Number

I Need A Dollar – Aloe Blacc

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to slot this number into a pantomime for a long time. It’s perfect for a dame who doesn’t have any money, say Widow Twankey (Aladdin), or Dame Trott (Jack and the Beanstalk). Or perhaps even a ruler who is scrupulous with his cash, a squire or sheriff.

Opening Act II

Dance With Me Tonight – Olly Murs

There’s lots to love about this song, and it screams panto magic. Place it during the ballroom scene of Cinderella, or in a party scene of Rapunzel or Sleeping Beauty.

Celebration/Finale Number

We Are Golden – Mika

This is such a fun song, it’s as if it were written to be in a panto. Like much of Mika’s music, it’s upbeat, cheerful and celebratory. It’s perfect for the end of a show, or a celebration number, for example when Aladdin and Jasmine are given permission to marry by the emperor in Aladdin. “Who gives a damn about the family you come from.”

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