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Songs of the Month: February 2018

As most will be picking their scripts for next year, that makes it the perfect time to look at some of the hottest songs to include in your scripts. As always, I’ll include a few recent hits as well as some classics which fit well into any panto.

The love duet

Rewrite the Stars

There’s always loads of possibilities for this one, and there’s usually somthing recent you can slot in there. So I’ve chosen Rewrite The Stars from The Greatest Showman. Not only does it have music and lyrics by the hottest writing duo on Broadway right now, but it’s perfect for panto. It will fit into any script and be a perfect addition for a principal boy and girl with killer vocals.

The Celebration or Finale Number

Dancing on the Ceiling

This one is an oldie but a goldie. I dare anyone to listen and not want to get up and dance. Lionel Richie’s classic Dancing on the Ceiling is the perfect end to a panto, sure to send your audience home on a high.

Dame’s Number

Fat Bottomed Girls

Every panto dame should have a song to herself, and here’s one that’s bound to get the audience laughing and clapping along. Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls is a real crowd pleaser.

Baddie’s Number

Black Magic

This one will be recognised by younger audience members and mums and dads alike. It’s the perfect solo for Snow White’s evil queen, Cinderella’s stepmother or even a Queen Rat.



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