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Songs of the Month: Sept 2018

After a short break over the summer, my songs of the month is back with pop classics and the latest hits ready to fill your song-slots right up this Christmas.

Principal Girl Song

All I Am – Jess Glynn

A proper feel-good hit, it’s another chart topper from Jess Glynn. Brilliant for a principal girl or boy, with a strong heart and some lovely lyrics.

End of Act I

Walking on Broken Glass – Annie Lennox

This absolute pop classic never ages, and not only is it a great vocal but it’s got a wonderful beat to it too. A strong soul and opportunity for a really great singer to shine!

Love Duet

Come On To Me – Paul McCartney

Here’s a combination of a legendary artist and a brand new number. With a retro rock and roll vibe, and brilliant lyrics for a feel-good love duet, if you include this in your show, there won’t be any sop in sight!

Love Song

Angel Eyes – ABBA/MAMMA MIA! Here We Go Again

A heart warming hit from this summer, the film spawned some brilliant ABBA covers, but this is one of the best and it has so much comic potential!

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