You shall go to the ball...

Ugly Sister Costume Inspiration

Panto season has come on fast. With the first professional pantomime open in Oldham, I’ve taken inspiration from their title Cinderella to give you some inspiration for your ugly sister costumes. There’s some genius designers out there, and it’s often difficult to find credits to put with the photos, but here are some examples of wonderful ugly sister combinations which some of you that perform post-christmas pantos may find useful.


It’s an oldie but a goldie. Ugly sisters as school children in a matching blazer and skirt is a great example of ways to modernise not only your Cinderella script, but also your design astetic. This hilarious take on the school girl look is really ugly indeed!

If your ugly sisters need to take a walk in the park, why not try something inspired by this dog-frienldy look. Poodles and dalmations have very distinctive features you can take from, I’ve even seen sisters with matching dogs in tow.

Still ugly, but a little more upper class perhaps? Complete with acrid colours and matching handbags, these sister costumes have a strong design and reality.

Now for something completely different. I’ve often seen Dames with full picnics on their dress, but these ugly sister costumes really take it to the next level. With a ploughmans salad and a full english breakfast (complete with fried egg hat) these really are two spectacular food-based costume ideas.

Finally, something festive to finish on. A tall tree and stumpy snowman at the ball in the palace. How will the prince ever resist?


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