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Why I Love Pantomime

Well, it’s the beginning of another year. In the panto world, that means that we’re all a bit tired and bleary eyed. Perhaps you’re finishing your run this weekend, or perhaps you’ve another week of shows to go. One things for sure, you’ve been working hard over the last few weeks to entertain audiences old and young up and down the country bringing festive cheer to millions and putting a smile on faces of children everywhere.

A new year is often a time of reflection and having seen more than my fair share of pantos this season, I’ve found myself thinking about why I love panto so much and why I love writing them for others to perform.

I think what really motivates me to watch and write pantos is the way that panto can bring people together. At a time when the country is divided politically and it feels like there’s a big divide between London and the regions, cities and rural areas, young and old, pantomime is a constant in all of that change and uncertainty. If you take your family to a good panto there will be laughs all round, something for everyone, and a great big smile on your face when you leave.

That’s what motivates me to write great scripts for you to perform. My aim is to write scripts that have plenty of the old routines refreshed with new twists for the traditionalists, heaps of adventure and engaging plot for the youngest children, one-liners and light innuendo for the adults and the opportunity to produce the scripts on a small scale or larger scale allowing groups performing everywhere from village halls to large regional venues to stage a Jack Northcott pantomime script. But wherever you perform it you’re garunteed to make your audience laugh and leave feeling thoroughly entertained, even on the smallest of budgets.

What if you want something a bit different? Perhaps a different pantomime tale, or a pantomime written for a group with learning difficulties? These are all things I’ve written in the last year, and I love it when someone comes to me with a challenge to do something different and write something bespoke for your priorities. So don’t be afraid to get in touch and ask the question “what if we did i this way?”

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